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Estate and Planned Gifts, Leaving a Legacy

By choosing to leave a legacy gift to Holy Childhood you will be supporting our mission well into the future and you will automatically be enrolled in the Sister Seraphine Society.  Gifts made to the Sister Seraphine Society will be deposited in our Board Designated Fund, an unrestricted fund that is directed by the Board of Holy Childhood.

Why support our Board Designated Fund?

For more than 65 years Holy Childhood has been providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through our individualized, person centered approach we help children and adults reach their maximum independence.  By helping us to build our board designated fund now, you will help to ensure that we will be able to continue to be here for future generations born with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to help them reach their full potential and integration into the community.

Why Holy Childhood?

It seems every year there are more people and organizations in need of our time, attention and resources. We understand that you can’t always give to all the organizations that you’d like. Please consider Holy Childhood because:

  • Holy Childhood is a non-denominational, non-profit agency that enriches the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Holy Childhood is the leader in providing person centered services and support.  Families of children and adults living in the Rochester area have the knowledge that their loved one is receiving the best possible education and care.

For more than 65 Years Holy Childhood has been helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities:

  • Obtain a first-class, quality education
  • Work toward reaching maximum independence
  • Identify their dreams and goals for the future
  • Obtain employment earning a competitive wage

What options are available if you want to make a charitable gift?

There are many ways you can make a gift to Holy Childhood. Some options include:

  • Outright gifts
  • Will or trust bequests
  • Beneficiary designation gifts
  • Life insurance gifts
  • Investment gifts 
  • Gift annuity
  • Traditional IRA gift
  • Zero estate tax gift
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Wealth replacement
  • Wealth replacement trust, also called an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT)

What tax benefits can I receive from giving to an endowment?

Specific tax and financial benefits that you can receive as a result of your gift depend on what type of asset you give and how you transfer it to Holy Childhood. You may be able to receive federal and state income tax benefits, avoid or reduce capital gains tax liability and qualify for estate or gift tax deductions. Several types of gifts can provide tax benefits while offering a lifetime income to you and your heirs. We recommend you consult with your attorney or accountant for advice on the legal and tax implications of any gift you might make.

Investment principles:

The Holy Childhood Board Designated Fund has the following investment strategy:

  • Preservation of Capital
  • Preservation of Pruchasing Power after Spending
  • Income & Growth
  • Long-Term Growth of Capital

The investment portfolio performance is reviewed regularly for performance and goal attainment by the Investment Committee of the Board of Directors. Results are reported to the full Board by the Investment Committee Chair.

Sister Seraphine Society:Sister Seraphine

Named after Sister Seraphine Herbst, SSJ whose vision and leadership helped Holy Childhood become what it is today.  Sister Seraphine was a teacher and administrator, helping to guide the agency in its mission for 50 years.

How can I become a member of the Sister Seraphine Society?

If you have included Holy Childhood in your estate, retirement or life insurance plans, or have made Holy Childhood a beneficiary of an irrevocable life income gift you may become a member of the Sister Seraphine Society. There is no need for you to transfer your legacy gift today.  Simply let us know that you have included Holy Childhood in your estate plan.

Why is it important to let Holy Childhood know if I have made long-range plans?

Your gift will help to strengthen Holy Childhood by insuring that a funding stream for programs and services will be available long into the future. It is important to let us know your plans so we have an opportunity to thank you now for caring about the future of Holy Childhood.

If you choose, your name will be listed with others that have made similar gifts. Or, if you prefer, Holy Childhood will keep all information you share with us confidential, and maintain your anonymity.

Would you like to make a legacy gift to Holy Childhood?

Just download this letter of intent to let us know that you have remembered Holy Childhood in your estate planning.


If you are considering a planned gift or have already made a legacy gift to the Board Directed Fund and have not notified us of your plans, please contact Brian Wirth, Director of Development at or by phone at 585.359.3710 ext. 140.