The Special Touch Bakery


In addition to making a delicious and very famous product, Special Touch Bakery serves as an opportunity for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn production and food service skills while earning a weekly paycheck.  It is a training ground which can lead to competitive employment in the community and enhances the development of lifelong skills .

Special Touch Bakery is certified by the New York State Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture, producing an average of 16,000 pies annually. Approximately 60 Rochester-area restaurants, retail outlets, country clubs and senior living centers, as well as the general public, purchase our pies. Pies can be purchased at Holy Childhood during our regular business hours.


Thanksgiving Pie BasketChristmas Pie Basket

Don't forget to order your pies for this holiday season!  Special Touch Bakery pies make an excellent host or hostess gift!

  All pie orders will need to be picked up before Thursday, December 18th.  





Special Touch Bakery Retail Prices

A Division of the Jimmy W. Wilmot Adult Day Training Program at Holy Childhood

Updated January 2013 - Prices subject to change

Apple Crumb| Full of apples, cinnamon and sugar- you won't be able to resist this treat.

BlackberryStuffed with blackberries and just enough sugar, this pie will have your mouth watering for more.

BlueberryA true blueberry pie with whole blueberries and flavored just right. All fruit and no fillers.

CherryA perfect crust, tart red cherries and flavoring that makes the perfect pie.

Chocolate ChipChocolate Chips, walnuts, a big cookie! This is paradise for a chocolate lover.

Coconut Cloud |Made with cocoa and flaked coconut, this pie is sweetened with the perfect amount of vanilla.

Cranapple WalnutPerfect mix of sweet and tart. A tiny pinch of cinnamon helps create perfection.

Fudge BrownieFor the chocolate lovers! Cocoa, chocolate chips & chopped walnuts make it the perfect chocolate pie.

PeachFilled with sweet sliced peaches and flavorful spices, this nice summer pie is great to share.

Peach BlackberryBlackberries, peaches, cinnamon, with pinch of nutmeg to change it up. 

PecanAll-time favorite packed with lots of pecans and sweetened just right.

Strawberry RhubarbTastes exactly like grandma used to make! Yummy strawberries and rhubarb combined to perfection.

*Pumpkin Pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon all in one place! This seasonal pie is perfect for the cold fall weather.

*Key Lime | This sweet treat comes with a graham cracker crust and flavored lime filling. Creamy and not too sweet.

Lemon Meringue | Meringue piled high on top of the lemon filling to satisfy any sweet tooth.

BumbleberryRaspberries, Blueberries & Rhubarb add up to a great pie for the berry lover.

















Special Touch Bakery pie is available at convenient locations around town - click here to see where you can get them!

*Seasonal pies only. Check with bakery for availability. 

To place order call 585.359.3710. Pies must be picked up at Holy Childhood, Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Our products are made on shared equipment and may contain allergens.


Please make checks payable to the:

Special Touch Bakery


100 Groton Parkway  |  Rochester, NY 14623

Phone (585)359-3710  |  Fax (585)359-3722

For commercial orders contact Sharron Jarvis, 585.359.3710, ext. 299


For more information or to schedule a tour of Holy Childhood's facilities contact us by calling (585) 359-3710.