Special Touch Bakery Opens at 1999 Mt. Read Blvd. THIS MONTH!

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Special Touch Bakery provides training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Founded in 1982, Special Touch Bakery, a division of Holy Childhood, is part of the Jimmy W. Wilmot Adult Day Training Program.  In addition to making delicious (and famous) pies, Special Touch Bakery serves as an opportunity for nearly 15 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn food production and food service skills while earning a paycheck.   The bakery provides individuals with an income and the development of lifelong skills to further their opportunities in the working world and gives them the confidence and skills they need for maximum independence and integration in the community.  Special Touch Bakery produces an impressive 16,000 pies annually which are available year-round at Holy Childhood and at various retail outlets around Rochester.

With a vision toward the future, Holy Childhood will move the Special Touch Bakery out of the agency’s 700 sq. ft. school kitchen to a brand new, state of the art, 20,000 sq. ft. facility located at 1999 Mt. Read Blvd. in Rochester, NY.  This move will create up to 40 additional positions, in an integrated, competitive, work environment where people with disabilities will work side-by-side with their non-disabled peers. The new facility will also allow Special Touch Bakery to substantially increase pie production.  Palmer Food Services is the bakery’s distribution partner in this new venture, which will enable Special Touch Bakery to expand regionally and eventually nationwide.  You can follow the construction process on our Special Touch Bakery Facebook page - please "like us" while you're there!  

The new Special Touch Bakery is scheduled to open later THIS MONTH! 


Special Touch Bakery 

Updated September 2017

Apple Pie Bumbleberry Pie Blackberry Pie
Apple Crumb    $16
Full of apples, cinnamon and sugar, it’s our
number one seller; you won’t be able to 
resist this treat.
Bumbleberry    $16
Raspberries, blueberries & rhubarb. This
is a fantastic pie for any berry lover.
Blackberry    $16
Stuffed with blackberries, this pie will have
your mouth watering for more.

Blueberry Pie Cherry Pie Chocolate Chip Pie
Blueberry    $16
A true blueberry pie with whole blueberries
and flavored just right. All fruit, no fillers.
Cherry     $16
Perfect crust, tart red cherries. Need we say more?
Chocolate Chip     $16
Chocolate chips, walnuts, it’s a huge cookie!
This is paradise for a chocolate lover. Warm it up!

Coconut Cloud Pie Cranapple Walnut Pie Fudge Brownie Pie
Coconut Cloud     $16
Made with cocoa and flaked coconut, and
sweetened with the perfect amount of 
vanilla in a fudge brownie.
Cranapple Walnut     $16
Cranberries, apples and walnuts. The perfect
mix of sweet and tart, with a pinch of
cinnamon. Perfection!
Fudge Brownie     $16
For all you chocolate lovers!  Cocoa, chocolate
chips and chopped walnuts.

Key Lime Pie Lemon Meringue Pie Peach Pie
Key Lime     $16
This sweet treat has a graham cracker crust
and flavored lime filling. A creamy delight.
Lemon Meringue      $14
Meringue piled high on top of the lemon
filling to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Peach     $16
Fill with sweet sliced peaches and flavorful
spices, this is a great summertime pie!

Peach Blackberry Pie Peach Raspberry Pie Pecan Pie
Peach Blackberry     $16
Blackberries, peaches, cinnamon and a pinch
of nutmeg to change it up!
Peach Raspberry     $16
A scrumptious combination of your favorite
summer fruits.
Pecan      $18
An all-time favorite packed with lots of pecans
and sweetened just right.

Pineapple Strawberry Pumpkin Pie Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Pineapple Strawberry      $16
The perfect balance of tart and sweet.
A must-try!
Pumpkin      $15
Pumpkin, ginger, and cinnamon. This
seasonal pie is perfect for fall.
Strawberry Rhubarb     $16
Strawberries and rhubarb combined to
perfection. It’s our number two seller.

Did you know? ... Our fruit pies are made with non-GMO ingredients.  Vegan pie are available upon request. 

For commercial orders & more information, call Sharron Jarvis at 359-3710, ext. 299 

To place an order, call 585-359-BAKE. Pies can be picked up at Holy Childhood or at Special Touch Bakery at 1999 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, NY 14615 beginning on 10/25.

**Please specify your pick up location at time of ordering.

Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Can't decide? Special Touch Bakery Gift Certificates are available

Please make checks payable to: Special Touch Bakery

Special Touch Bakery
1999 Mt. Read Blvd.
Rochester, NY  14615
585-359-BAKE (2253)

Also available:

Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion?  Special Touch Bakery Creative Crates make a great holiday, birthday, thank you or “just because” gift.  Your pie is placed in a wooden crate handmade by the adults in Holy Childhood’s Woodworking Program and the bow is beautifully designed by the adults in our Skills/Transition/Day Habilitation Program.  You may pick up your Creative Crate at Holy Childhood ($29) or have it delivered ($34).


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