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Helen H. Heller Health Center

Jennifer Singer - School Program Director

Nathan Zelesnikar - Director of Programs and Services, Article 16 Clinic


The Health Center offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to both the student and adult population, including state-mandated health screenings (including vision, hearing and scoliosis), emergency first aid, the administration of medications and illness assessment. In addition, the Center staff also includes occupational therapists and speech language pathologists who provide services for students in and out of the classrooms. Adults in the Jimmy W. Wilmot Adult Day Training Program have access to these services as well.

A psychologist is on staff to provide evaluations (as recommended by New York State Education Law and OPWDD) and counseling for children and adults. Staff of the School Program and Health Center work closely together to provide a well-rounded program that meets the individual needs of each student in an optimal setting. Any services not available at Holy Childhood are often set up and provided through referral to other community resources by the Health Center's clinicians.

A Licensed Social Worker also provides counseling to both students and adults in individual and peer group settings. She works in consultation with staff and also serves as a liason with families and the individual's environmental issues.

The Health Office

Our two full-time nurses maintain regular contact with many families, physicians and instructors to monitor a student's or adult’s health issues; work closely with teachers and clinicians to provide optimum care and learning readiness; monitor and provide medication to individuals and provide emotional support as needed. Screenings for hearing, vision and scoliosis are performed annually, using specialized equipment for students with communication issues.

Speech Language Therapy

Speech-Language services provided in the classroom target improving communication skills for the work place. Whether a student is verbal or non-verbal, the focus is to find a way for
the student to be the most efficient communicator in the setting they will be transitioning into after graduation. Speech-Language services within the classroom provide students with the needed support to communicate most effectively and to provide students with helpful
strategies. Many students use augmentative communication devices and technology to enhance their communication. Depending on the need, therapists program the devices with words and phrases appropriate to the student’s academic and personal needs and train the students in their use.  Speech Therapists also work with adult program participants at Holy Childhood.  Services are provided based on identified needs.

Speech Pathologists and Occupational therapists often co-treat within the classroom. Together with the classroom teacher a variety of skills and work behaviors can be successfully targeted.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work directly with students both in and out of the classrooms.
They are part of the classroom teaching team and work closely with teachers to provide a wellrounded program. Therapists provide ideas for comprehension, visual supports and multi-sensory strategies to enhance the lessons. Therapists work with older students on job skills both within the Agency and off-site at area companies and organizations.

Occupational Therapists also work with the adults at Holy Childhood. Services are provided based on identified needs.

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Speech Language Therapy


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Occupational Therapy



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