Holy Childhood Staff


Program Staff
Donna Dedee, President & CEO
Phone 585.359.3710  |  Fax 585.359.3722
Confidential Health Center Fax: 585.359.2372
Other department staff are listed here.


School Program
Jimmy W. Wilmot Adult
Day Training Program

Helen H. Heller
Health Center
Medicaid Service
Quality Assurance
School Program Director
David Halpern, ext. 127   

Assistant Principal
Kathy Miller, ext. 151

Patricia Boyle, ext. 233
Mary Dickinson, ext. 288
Connie Eisele, ext. 228
Michelle Greco, ext. 240,
Diane Gyle, Transition Coordinator, ext. 141 or Community Classroom,
Katie Kovall, ext. 241,        
Michael McGough, ext. 242
Joan Michaelree, ext. 141
Mary Moore, ext. 237   
Laura Lamphere, ext. 239,
Jean Ricigliano, ext. 141, or Community Classroom, 585-406-8694. 
Jeffrey Zagon, ext. 236
Cindi Thomas, ext. 159     
Mary Walsh, ext. 103   


Joseph Abbott, ext. 124


Sarah Brede, ext. 123     

Mark Aldridge, ext. 105

Yvonne Alt, ext. 146

Tim Baird, ext. 168

Larry D'Amico, ext. 147

Jim DiVirgilio, ext. 148

Donna Glogowski, ext. 276

Sharron Jarvis, ext. 299

Ernie Kleine, ext. 150

Jeff Lane, ext. 152

Shirley Lynch, ext. 139

Janet McGough, ext. 275

Richard Pusateri, ext. 109

Eileen Kinney, ext. 108


Joseph Abbott, ext. 124

Joanna Adamson, M.A., CCC-SLP, ext. 181

Stephanie Deeney, MS-CCC/SLP, ext. 184

Debbie Gruber, COTA, ext. 155

Colleen Herring, MS-CCC/SLP, ext. 183

Sue Hughes, RN, ext. 130 Health Office, health office blog

Joseph Incavo, M.D.,

Megan Keller, LMSW, ext. 291

Heather Montfort, COTA, ext. 125

Jacqueline Nelson, M.S.,B.S., S.T., ext. 186

Annie O'Reilly, M.S. Ed, OTR/L, ext. 157

Heather Qutermous, RN ext. 130, Health office blog

Cheryl Rhodes, M.S., OTR/L, ext. 157

Kate Rouse,M.S., CCC/SLP, ext. 180

Rick Tomaselli, M.A, L.M.H.C.

Debbie Thomas, M.S., CCC/SLP, ext. 185

Bob Valenti, Ph.D., ext. 21

Charise Whitt, SLP, ext 186

MSC Supervisor
Linda D'Ambrosia, ext. 160
Mary Kelley, ext. 188     
Cori Rapone, ext. 158

Quality Assurance Director
Amy Popeck, Ext. 137

Compliance Officer
Karen Fairhead, Ext. 122



For more information or to schedule a tour of Holy Childhood's facilities contact us by calling (585) 359-3710.